Date and Time functions in ASP

A handy post to help refresh the various date/time functions and formats available for ASP developers.

Function Output
The date today is: Date 15/08/2007
The time now is: Time 16:32:21
The date and time is: Now 15/08/2007 16:32:21
The name of the day today is: WeekdayName(Weekday(Date)) Wednesday
The abbreviated day name is: WeekdayName(Weekday(Date),True) Wed
The date is: Day(Date) 15
The name of the month is: MonthName(Month(Date)) August
The abbreviated month name is: MonthName(Month(Date),true) Aug
The month is: Month(Date) 8
The year is: Year(Date) 2007
The date 7 days ago was: DateAdd(“d”,-7,Date) 08/08/2007

The FormatDateTime function formats and returns a valid date or time expression

Parameter Description
date Required. Any valid date expression (like Date() or Now())
format Optional. A Format value that specifies the date/time format to use

Format Values

Format Description
0 Display a date in format mm/dd/yy. If the date parameter is Now(), it will also return the time, after the date
1 Display a date using the long date format: weekday, month day, year
2 Display a date using the short date format: like the default (mm/dd/yy)
3 Display a time using the time format: hh:mm:ss PM/AM
4 Display a time using the 24-hour format: hh:mm