Manage iPod Media Without Using iTunes

I love my iPod, but I hate iTunes!. I find the interface very slow and hate the fact that it creates all these folders and subfolders within My Music folder. I also tend to format my PC and start again with a clean install, and using iTunes, unless I take a backup, I have to also wipe the iPod and then resync everything.

This has become well annoying, and I thought I’d search for an alternative method. Hey Presto! I found exactly what I was looking for, a free, open source, cross platform application called Floola that lets you manage you iPod media without needing iTunes.

The important thing is that with Floola you can add music and videos to your iPod from any computer, and all it takes is a simple drag-and-drop. That means you’re no longer locked into any one computer or iTunes library. You can add music or videos to your iPod from a friend’s computer just as easily as from your own. And since Floola is cross platform, that means that you can put the Windows and Mac versions of Floola on your iPod and add songs from either a PC or a Mac (awesome, right?).

Add to iPod

What’s more, you’d be very surprised to see how quickly and easily you can add an album or two to your iPod from any computer using Floola. And did I mention you can just as easily copy music and movies from your iPod to any computer?

To install Floola on your iPod, just download the OS-appropriate version and drag the app to your iPod. Double-click it and you’re ready to go.

Main Interface

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