Top Must Have iPhone Applications

I’ve been using the iPhone for a few months now, and been constantly on apple’s app store looking for utility, productivity and plain and simple fun applications. Here’s a list of my current favourite apps and must have’s for the iPhone.

convertbot Convertbot
Convert practically any measurement to another measurement, with the best UI I’ve seen on the iPhone to date.
tubedelux TubeDelux
A must have for any London commuter. Up-to-date service details, landscape tube map, journey planner and more.
sugarsync SugarSync
Provides complete access to all files in your various even if they are turned off. You can easily browse, open, and send all files from any of your computers, from your Web Archive, and easily access the most recently modified documents.
(SugarSync account required)
wordpress WordPress
What more do I need to say, write and edit posts, upload photo’s, create and edit pages and manage comments.
twitter TwitterFon
Simple, clean and super fast twitter client for the iPhone.
msecure mSecure
A full-featured iPhone application that that uses strong encryption to protect passwords, account numbers, prescription IDs, notes and other personal, sensitive information.
weightbot Weightbot
Need something to watch my weight, don’t want to keep over indulging. A simple weight tracker with BMI indicator.
ihome iHome
A powerful and easy to use Loan and Property analysis tool.
hpiprint HP iPrint
A simple application from HP that allows you to quickly and easily print 4”x6” photos stored on your iPhone. Available for most HP printers connected to a local WiFi network.
sky Sky+
Search and Record programmes wherever you are with Sky+ application for iPhone.

All of these applications can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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