Make iPhoto open for camera, but not for iPhone

This quick article shows you how to make iPhoto open when you plug in your camera, but not when you plug in your iPhone.

Create a script

Open Applications > AppleScript > Script Editor and type:

on device_is_connected(device_name)
  set check_for_device to “ioreg –rn” & quoted form of device_name
  return (length of (do shell script check_for_device) is not equal to 0)
end device_is_connected

Save the script

Now add the lines:

on run
  if not device_is_connected(“iPhone”) then
    tell application “iPhoto” to activate
  end if
end run

Launch it automatically

Click File > Save As… and set the format to Application.  Save it to the Applications folder.  Open Applications > Image Capture and the preferences pane.  Click Other and select the script.  This runs when a camera is inserted but for the iPhone it quits before starting iPhoto.

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