DIY Unlock Samsung DVD-1080P9 Multi-Region Free

Here’s a simple guide to unlock your Region 2 DVD player to Region 9 making it multi-region and able to play all DVD’s from across the world.

When entering the actual code, the secret is to have consistent timing during key presses and not pressing the buttons as quickly as possible.

  1. Press the POWER button on the DVD remote to turn the DVD player On.  Make sure there is no disc in the tray.
  2. Wait until the unit is fully started and your TV is showing the Samsung logo screen.
  3. Press EJECT on the DVD remote to open the DVD tray.
  4. Close the DVD tray, by pressing the EJECT button again, and wait for the “No Disc” message to appear in the top left corner of your TV.
  5. Press the REPEAT button on the DVD remote, followed by the five digit Region 2 code.
    In this case press REPEAT followed by 57538 (be constant with your key press timings…do not rush or take too long).
  6. If you’re successful you’ll see a number 2 appear in the top left corner of your TV.  If not, power down the DVD player and repeat steps from 1.
  7. Press 9.  This will set the DVD player to Region 9 making it region free.
  8. Press EJECT on the DVD remote to open the DVD tray.
  9. Press EJECT on the DVD remote to close the DVD tray.
  10. Press POWER on the DVD remote to power down the player.
  11. Now power the unit on again and it should be able to read all DVDs from all regions.  Insert a non-Region 2 disc to test and confirm.


  1. Hello and a very clear article regarding unlocking a Samsung DVD-1080P9 to play multi region dvds”.
    Here in NZ we are region 4 not 2 so is the code I need to enter ie 57538 the same?
    Would very much appreciate your comment on this

  2. Here are the codes for all regions:
    R1 – 29334
    R2 – 57538
    R3 – 56732
    R4 – 76884
    R5 – 53814
    R6 – 24462

  3. hi, ive just bought the samsung 1080p9 and ive tried the above without success ???…when i enter the 57538 as im in the uk…nothing happens…i dont get the 2 appear in the top corner, ive tried and tried probably 15 times in different ways, slower,faster etc but no joy ?…anymore info guys ?…any help would be greatly appreciated !


  4. sorry guys….just tried again and finally it worked !…dont know what i did wrong previously but its now all ok !!…thanks anyway !!


  5. Thankyou so much for your instructions!!! My DVD now plays alls regions. Cheers from another person from the land of Oz :-)

  6. Hi!
    I just made my DVD-player region free, BUT, the colors are in black and white when I play DVDs with other regions.
    Can I get rid of the BW and get fully colors in any way?

  7. Hello, I got on your website to see how i could fix my samsung 1080p9 dvd player its getting the message ” No Disc ‘ error message I was following your directions but dont understand how to enter the required code. My dvd remote has no #’s that i can select to enter any codes ?? to change my DVD Player to MULTI – REGION can you please help ??

  8. Hi Rajesh, my 1080p9 does not have a ‘no disc’ warning, it just has a scrolling white bar at the bottome of the screen and when it gives up looking for a disc the bar disappears but ther is ne ‘no disc’ warning.
    I have tried your instructions in various ways with no luck at all and never get a ’2′ on the screen.
    My guess is that Samsung changed the software on this model and the hack no longer works.
    I am in the UK. Any ideas?
    Very clear instructions by the way, nicely done.

  9. Hello,

    I have this Samsung 1080p9 and tried to unlock to region free. I tried all suggestion, but none worked. This DVD player is region 1. Could you advise?

  10. Raj,

    I have a Samsung DVD HR750 that works perfectly fine most of the time but for certain concert recordings it only plays in shades of grey although the sound is fine. The only thing I have noticed is that the DVDs seem to be region 0. I do not have this problem if I play them on my PC or portable DVD player so I know that it is not a problem with the DVDs themself.
    Any ideas what could be causing this problem and how I can cure it ?


    Stephen Chamberlain

  11. Hi,
    I have bought a Samsung BD-E8500A. How do I make it multi-region, please?
    John S

  12. Hi can you please help me to make region free my dvd player i try many times the procedure mentioned above but no luck at all it was on region 2 and dvd model is dvd-F1080 tnx

  13. Hello Raj,
    I sincerely appreciate the great tips. I have however a problem I haven’t seen discussed here (or elsewhere on similar forums) regarding making the Samsung BD E-5500 3D Blu-Ray player region-free.
    When I power off, power on, open and close disc-tray, I keep getting the Samsung menu screen on the TV-screen (the one with Smart-hub, Setting, CD/USB/All-share, etc..) which has an overlay text-box saying “no Disc inserted” and below a highlighted “OK” box. When I hit “return”, “stop” or any other button, it just eliminates the overlay text box saying “no disc inserted” and the same Samsung menu screen appears.
    Note, tried it with both Samsung TV, Sony TV and LG TV… same thing happens. The menu-screen is definitely coming from the player, not the TV.

    All of this, to say I don’t get “no Disc” message as such on a clear black background screen on the TV, and when I try to enter the correct code (the one for region 2) it just does not show the “2″ in any part of the TV-screen (neither left of right corners).

    Wondering if there is a way still to make the player region-free or if this would mean the thing is ‘region-fixed’?
    I am living in Qatar, Middle East, and bought the player at Carrefour hypermarket. (yeah, I know…)

    Thanks for reading, would appreciate your thoughts.
    Kindest regards

  14. Thanks for the tips. By now you can buy region or code free DVD players online pretty easily, but for those who want to ‘life hack’, most systems will still allow it.

  15. wow i had my doubts with this working but it does! i have just bought a samsung bd-h6500 blue ray player. i tried this out and it WORKS! omg i could not recommend this more! i am region 4 (aus) and work perfectly :) yay! cheers!

  16. Any tips on what to do if while trying to unlock from country 2 to multi-country the screen now displays ‘Tray Error’ and DVD tray will no open. The front of the device cycles through ‘Load’ ‘Close’ ‘Open’, but the tray will not actually open. Thanks!

  17. I’ve tried everything and nothing works on my Samsung FD-5100. I am able to watch Dvds from the US but my UK ones are a no go. Can anyone help please.

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