Install cooked ROM on HTC Diamond

This is a quick guide to install a cooked ROM on your HTC Diamond windows mobile device.  Cooked ROM’s can be found on xda-developers site, aswell as detailed instructions and configurations.

Important! First you must have done a Hard SPL :…73&postcount=1

If you’ve done that before – follow these steps:

  1. Download a cooked ROM of your Choice, RENAME the *.nbh for your ROM to: DIAMIMG.nbh
  2. Copy DIAMIMG.nbh to the "Internal Storage" of your Device.
  3. Hold the ‘Vol Down’ + ‘Back’ keys  + reset button to Initiate ROM Flash.
    (Back = Small Arrow below ‘End Call’ Button).
  4. You should see the rainbow startup screen before it switches to installing ROM.
  5. After ROM flash has completed, you’ll need to do a Hard-reset.
    Reset + hold ‘Vol Down’ + ‘Circle’ keys.
  6. On restart, it may say "Press Vol Up To Boot", if so press ‘Vol Up’ and allow the ROM to boot, if message is not displayed it will simple boot into the new ROM.

Enjoy you newly flashed HTC Diamond.

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