Show the Size of Selected Files on Mac OS X

Here’s a quick tip to show the file size of selected files/folders.  Generally the status bar of the Finder windows shows the count of selected files and the available hard drive space, but doesn’t show the file size.  On a single file you can right-click the file and select ‘Get Info’ (Apple/Command+i) which will pop-up the ‘Get Info’ floating window, but this is no good for multiple file selection.

To get the file size of selected files/folders instead of ‘Get Info’, use ‘Show Inspector’.  This is done the same way you would go to ‘Get Info’, except hold down Alt/Option key before you click. ‘Get Info’ will turn into ‘Show Inspector’ in the context menu.  Once clicked a floating window appears, so you can continue clicking your Finder windows and icons and it will stay on top. It will also update as you select new files.

  1. Open up a Finder window (Applications folder will provide the best example.)
  2. Right-click a file/program
  3. Hold Alt/Option
  4. Choose ‘Show Inspector’
  5. Now hold Apple/Command and click other files. They will be added to the selection and therefore the Inspector window.

Keyboard shortcut:

Apple/Command+i = Get Info

Alt/Option+Apple/Command+i = Show Inspector


  1. @dug Totally agree with you man, the other workarounds are just crap. Rajesh, you’re awesome, thanks for posting this!

  2. thank you – key combos still work in mountain lion on newest gen macs (as of this posted comment of 11/7/2012)

    Thank you again!

  3. Nice. though I wish finder would simply show the total sizte directly at the bottom of the finder window.

    also, you can simply do this:

    1. select files
    2. press cmd+alt+I

  4. Faster one:
    1. Select several files/folders
    2. Richt-click one of them
    3. Hold alt/option
    4. Choose Show Inspector, voila!

    However, I found your tip very useful because I didn’t know you could add files to the selection later (I only knew my way). I will use your way when trying to fill a DVD with files, selecting and unselecting files until the DVD is completely crammed with files

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