Upgraded RAM on MacBook Pro – Geekbench Results

So today I received my memory upgrade kit from Crucial for my MacBook Pro.  Initially when I bought the MBP I went with the stock memory and harddrive, knowing that I would upgrade these myself at a later date.  Apple’s upgrades are too expensive.

A few months back I upgraded the 500GB 5400RPM stock hard drive for an 160GB Intel X25-M Mainstream SATA II Solid State Drive from Overclockers.  This gave my MBP a considerable performance boost.  Start up from cold boot used to take 47 seconds, with the SSD this has come down to just 17 seconds….amazing.

Now for the memory upgrade.  Always knew I was going to upgrade from the standard 4GB to 8GB, however, finances meant I had to wait, that is until today.  As I said I received my 8GB kit from Crucial, and installed the sticks straight away.  Although I haven’t noticed any obvious performance gains, as I did with the SSD, I know it will be invaluable when it comes to photo editing and video editing using Photoshop and iMovie.

Here are the current specs on my MBP

  • 17″ MacBook Pro 2010 2.66GHz Core i7 with Hi-Resolution Glossy Widescreen Display
  • Intel X25-M Mainstream SATA II 160GB Solid State Drive
  • 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-8500 SODIMM

GeekBench Results

Before Upgraded RAM

After Upgrade of RAM

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