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Ever since I switched over to using a Mac, I’ve been struggling to find a really simple yet powerful blogging client. On PC platform nothing beats Windows Live Writer, it’s simple design with powerful editing capabilities make it a must for offline blogging. It also downloads your WordPress theme so that you can see exactly what your post will look like.

To completely switch over to Mac, I need to find a similar application, alas, none can be found. Yes I can use VMFusion or Parallels and run WLW, but it seems an overkill to have a Windows virtual machine running just for one application.

I’ve just downloaded and installed the trial version of Blogo, and will see how that goes. First impressions seems good, it has a very clean and simple interface, and you can preview your post locally – similar to WLW, Blogo downloads your theme.

One aspect lacking that I’ve just noticed is the inability to format image thumbnails. In WLW, can you manipulate the thumbnail images and add framing effects to them, so I can place a black border around the image, or select a drop shadow effect, even so far as selecting a reflection image and make it look really smart. Also if you have your own image styling in your theme, you can select the inherit from blog option, which as it says, inherits the style conditions as set in your style.css file. In Blogo, unfortunately, the only manipulation you can do is to crop the image, make it black and white or sepia, as you can see from the example below.

Another feature of WLW lacking in Blogo is the ability to create excepts using the "more" tag. This lets you break the post and show only the except in the main post. If a use wants to read more they can click on the link and will be presented with the full post. This is a very useful tool in WordPress as you may have a large post entry, but only want to show an except of it on you main blog, something I do all the time. In WLW there was an option to place the "more" tag, unfortunately in Blogo there is no such feature.

Nevertheless I will press on and evaluate this little application and see if it meets my needs.


20th April 2011

Having used Blogo for a few weeks now, I find it a poor substitute for WLW, which is still the simplest, elegant and feature-full client application for blogging.  So unfortunately I can’t completely switch over from Windows, which was my original intent.  I now have Windows 7 installed on a bootcamp partition, allowing me to run Windows natively on my MacBook Pro.  I also have VMware Fusion, which can also load the bootcamp partition, eradicating the need to have a separate VM image from the bootcamp partition. 

This setup now provides me with the best of two worlds.  If I want to run some intense Windows applications, such as games, I can boot the MBP into Windows 7, however if I want to use standard applications, like WLW, then I boot into Mac OS X as normal and use VMware Fusion to run WLW in “unity” mode.


I will still endeavour to try out other client based WordPress editors for the Mac, but there aren’t many around, and those that do exist have very limited features, or require high experience in HTML coding and formatting.


  1. Thanks for sharing, hopefully Microsoft will release a Mac version of Live Writer soon, or some other clever coder can produce something as good.

  2. Why do you need a Blogging client for a MAC? Can you not use Safari or Firefox? I can understand the need for a tablet or smartphone, but for a Mac, Mac Book or PC, surely a web browser works fine (Well it does for me) or am I missing something?

    1. Two reasons come to mind
      1. compose a blog entry when you have no internet connection, also I’ve found sometimes after writing online and pressing save the browser/server crashes out, meaning lost work.
      2. A better wysiwyg editor (windows live writer) than the web based one, which anyone can use without any knowledge of HTML….like the wife.

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