Alpinestars T-GP-R Air Jacket

Alpinestars T-GP-R Air

The Alpinestars T-GP-R Air is a great summer jacket.  It fits extremely comfortably (XL) and being a mesh jack provides plenty or airflow during the hot summer months, especially in Perth, WA where summer temperatures can reach 40C.

During the cooler periods, the jacket does come with a removable water resistant liner, which does add some protection against the cold and rain, however, it’s not a thermal lining and it’s water resistant not waterproof, so I’m sure come early autumn I’ll need to think about getting a winter jacket for those colder and rainier months.

The only downside to the jacket I’ve found is that although the elbow and shoulder protection is provided by CE certified Bio Armor, the back is only protected by a basic PE foam padding.  Luckily this is upgradable, and I’ve upgraded to the Alpinestars CE certified Bio Armor – not sure if back protectors from other manufactures would fit, I suspect they would as they’re mostly universal.

Alpinestars Bio Armor back protector

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