Shark S700 Helmet

shark s700

Goes without saying you need a lid to protect your noggin. For me, I chose the Shark S700 in black.

This is a great fitting helmet and includes an in-built sun visor, which is activated by using the slider leaver on the left side of the helmet. This to me is the best feature as I don’t need to wear sunglasses – which is annoying if you’re riding in and out of dark enclosures – like tunnels and underground car parks. With the in-built sun visor I can flick up and down as required.

I’ve also removed all stickers and labels from the back of the helmet, and as an avid Transformers fan, I placed a Decepticon vinyl decal sticker on the back which I purchased from ebay.

It does fog up quite a bit when lid is fully down and it’s raining or cold outside, but don’t they all? Haven’t tried those anti-fog sprays or films which I’ve seen around most motorcycle shops, not even sure they work or just gimmicks, so far I’ve just been cracking the lid open just a touch to let the air flow through – seems to work.

shark s700 decepticon

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