Drift HD Ghost Action Camera

Drift HD Ghost

Have seen a few riders in Perth sporting one of those action cameras affixed to their helmets, and I’m also subscribed to a few motor vloggers on youtube, such as LeadPin, Baron Von Grumble and Royal Jordanian, who all have some sort of action video cameras to record their footage, and so I thought to myself, why don’t I do that aswell.

Did some research on the net on the numerous cameras available, from the cheap knockoffs to the extreme sports expensive rigs. There seems to be two most dominant products in the market – the GoPro series and the Drift HD. The GoPro is probably the better of the two, being the most popular, multitude of functionality and specifications, and with a huge selection of optional accessories, however I just don’t like the look of the camera, seems bulky especially on pictures I’ve seen where they’re attached to riders helmet. The Drift HD seems more sleeker and less obvious, looses out on some functionality, but what I need it for I can live with the compromise.

I got the Drift HD Ghost 1080p version and also purchased a 32GB micro SD card to capture the footage. I set the camera to capture in 720p resolution at 60 frames per second to give the smoothest optimized picture quality. I’m not a vlogger as such and I don’t expect to publish the videos, they’re mainly for accident/insurance purposes, and if nothing exciting happens most likely they’ll be erased each day. Having said that though if there are some interesting rides I go on and the camera is on, I may upload the footage to youtube – links to which can be found on my lifestream page.

The camera is attached to my Shark helmet using the curved adhesive adapter that came in the box. I was a bit scared that it may fall off, but the adhesive is very sticky, almost permanent. The camera lens has a 170 degree viewing angle and a 360 degree adjustable lens which is perfect as I needed to adjust is slightly due to the angle at which it’s stuck to the helmet to create a level horizontal view, without this adjustment, the horizon wouldn’t have been level in the recordings.

So far all is good, simple to setup and use, and seems very robust, added to the fact that it’s water resistant and water proof without any additional housing makes this an ideal action camera for motorcycle riders, or any other use for that matter.


Drift HD on Shark S700

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