OGIO Supermini Tanker Tank Bag

OGIO super mini tank bag

One of the things the Vespa had over the Honda CB400 is storage space, and the top case of the Vespa provided volumes of quickly accessible luggage space. The Honda has some storage, but it’s under the seat, awkward to access and very small.

I’m not keen on carrying essentials such as the mobile phone, wallet, house keys, etc in my jacket. The norm seems to be the use of back packs, however I’m not keen on that either.

Luckily there are ample solutions for motorcycle luggage: tank bags, tail bags, saddle bags and top cases/luggage racks. My requirements were simple:

  • Something small to carry my essentials – and maybe some packed lunch;
  • Easily removable and attachable for on and off use; and
  • Preferably accessible whilst on the bike – no need to dismount to access

After days of research, and visiting many local motorcycle shops, I decided that a magnetic tank bag was the best option for me and I ended up getting the OGIO supermini tank bag.

This bag is great for my needs, it’s small size can still accommodate all my day to day gear as well as the all important can of diet coke and sandwiches, I can even squeeze in an iPad mini. The bags attached magnets are really strong and the whole bag can easily snap on and off the fuel tank as needed, and being a tank bag I can easily access the contents without having to dismount the motorcycle.

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