Alpinestars SP-X Gloves

Alpinestars SP-X gloves

My current pair of Corazzo Carbone gloves, which I bought back when I had my Vespa scooter, is beginning to fray on the index finger of the left hand glove near the seam. Started off with just a few strands, but gradually worsened, and now there’s a gaping hole and can see my finger when they’re on.

On a look out for a new pair of gloves, and thought I should upgrade to something more suited to a motorcycle than a scooter. With so many manufactures and styles, choosing the right gloves seemed like a mammoth endeavour, however, having previously bought gear from Alpinestars, I thought the best place to start is to look at their offerings.

I wasn’t looking for a full gauntlet style glove, I prefer the short cuff styles. Didn’t take me long to narrow down the choices and I ended up picking out the Alpinestars SP-X gloves.

The gloves are comfortable and offer a good balance between protection and air flow as they are geared for summer wear, and like my previous purchases on summer based boots and jacket, no doubt I’d have to buy another set of gloves for the colder seasons.

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