Essential Accessories for Motorcycle Riders

There is always items you need to have in a vehicle for those just-in-case moments, not for everyday use, but something tucked away. For example, in our family car, we have some umbrellas, a torch, and mobile phone chargers, similarly you’d carry some items which are essential when motorcycling.

In the small compartment underneath the seat of the Honda CB400, the essentials I carry are a pair of rain pants, a pack away back pack and a tyre puncture repair kit.

Honda CB400 under seat storage

RST Rain Pants

These basic water proof pants are designed to be worn over your regular pants, they don’t contain or provision for any protective armour, they simply keep you dry. Made from PVC coated nylon they’re very light and easily fold down to very compact size. Have used them twice so far, once when I got caught in a downpour on my way home from Hilary’s Boat Harbour. A bit of a pain as I had to pull over, dismount, switch the engine off so I could open the under seat storage using the ignition key, take out the pants, put them on, put the seat back, engage the seat lock so I could take the key out and then start the engine ready to re-commence my journey – all this whilst the rain was pelting down. However, this wasn’t any fault of the pants, just the way the Honda’s storage and access is setup, the pants actually worked great for the rest of the journey.

Escape Outdoors Hideaway Back Pack

This simple, but awesome, 17L backpack packs back into itself for super compact storage. With the limited storage of the OGIO tank bag, there has been numerous times where I’ve had to carry items too bulky for the tank bag and had to revert to this little gem. I love the fact that it packs into itself and fits nicely underneath the bike seat, and when it’s expanded it has the capacity to carry fairly large number of items, including a full A4 lever arch folder.

Xtech Emergency Tyre Repair Kit

Probably the most important essential, this practical kit allows for repairs to tubeless motorcycle tyres in the event of a puncture whilst out and about, temporary enough for you to ride to the nearest motorcycle garage and get the tyre replaced. The kit comes in a handy zippered pouch and contains all the tools and instructions required to do a road side repair. There are also 5 x Co2 cartridges to re-inflate the tyre and get you going again. Luckily I’ve never had to use it, and “touch wood” I wont need too, but it’s there just in case.

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