Alpinestars Flare Hi Viz Vest

Alpinestars Flare Hi Viz Vest

Commuting everyday on a black bike, wearing a black helmet, black jacket, black gloves, black boots, and on most occasions black pants, I was a bit conscious of the lack of visibility or rather other vehicle drivers visibility of me, especially when I’m filtering through traffic.

So I decided to investigate if there was any Hi-Viz clothing I could wear to help improve my presence on the road. Turns out there is a plethora of Hi-Viz vests available in various colours which are fairly cheap to purchase. Most are geared towards Health & Safety practices at work and used mainly for construction type people. The problem with these vests are they fit quite loose, and end up flapping around alot when riding, so not really suitable.

I looked around for some motorcycle specific Hi-Viz vests, but the choices were limited. Most Hi-Viz elements are stitched into the clothing such as on jackets and pants, however as I’ve only recently bought my jacket I had no intention of replacing it with another one.

From the limited choices available I chose the Alpinestars Flare Hi Viz Vest. There is not much to say, it’s a simple garment, it’s good, nice and bright and doesn’t restrict the airflow that much from the Alpinestars T-GP-R Air jacket.

My only grip so far is that at very high speeds (+120kph) the shoulders do tend to flap around a bit, but it’s not too bad, and the on road visibility it provides outweighs this small issue.

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