Quad Lock iPhone Mount for Motorcycles

QuadLock Motorcycle

I’ve been looking around for a basic but sturdy motorcycle mount to hold my iPhone 4s for mapping and GPS navigation.

A lot of people seem to use the RAM mounting system, but the mounts are very modularised, which means by the time you add up all the bits you need for your device, the costs escalate. I came across another mounting system called Quad Lock by Annex Products. Initially a kick starter project, the Quad Lock is primarily aimed at the cycling community, however the mounting systems works just as well on motorcycles.

I bought the iPhone 4s bike kit, and have to say it works really well and seems very robust and durable. The viewing angle is perfect for quick glance down at phone, without being too distracted or obstructing the Honda’s instrument panel. The kit also comes with a water resistant (not sure if water proof) cover, however I’ve never used this and don’t plan on mounting the iPhone when it’s raining.

My only issue with this system is that taking the iPhone off the Quad Lock case is very fiddly and takes a bit of time and effort, I suppose that’s a good thing as you’re assured the iPhone is secure in the case and won’t easily fall out, but as I don’t carry the iPhone in the Quad Lock case it’s a hassle separating the two.

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