ASP Page Control

I recently created an intranet web application, that amongst other things, displayed the company news articles. When I started to create this news application, I soon realised that I would need some sort of paging control to limit the number of articles displayed on a single page, not only to improve performance but also to give the audience a clean display of articles without endless scrolling.

There are many solutions available, all with their own benefits and drawbacks, the one I finally implemented makes use of the ADO RecordSet Object and the PageSize, CacheSize, AbsolutePage, and PageCount properties of ADO. This article illustrates the method I used. Continue reading

Encrypting Usernames and Password

Using the MD5 and SHA1 hash functions

If you’re using a login script on your site you probably store usernames and passwords in a database for authenticating the login.

For security reasons, you should never store these as plain text but should encrypt them with a one-way hash function such as md5 or sha1.
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