Manage iPod Media Without Using iTunes

I love my iPod, but I hate iTunes!. I find the interface very slow and hate the fact that it creates all these folders and subfolders within My Music folder. I also tend to format my PC and start again with a clean install, and using iTunes, unless I take a backup, I have to also wipe the iPod and then resync everything.
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Convert HTML

Some of my posts include snippets of code that help explain the process or describe what needs to be done. Most of the code is written in Visual Studio or Dreamweaver, and as such simply copying and pasting the code into the blog post doesn’t work.
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Create a Glossary with WordPress

[EDIT: Tested with WordPress 2.7.1]
I wanted to create a glossary that facilitates terms, buzz words and acronyms used in modern computing. I needed something that was simple to update and manage, and use the capabilities of WordPress rather than creating a simple page with hyperlinks/bookmarks, which would require jumping back and forth into code. Continue reading

Change Default Thumbnail Size in WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for a few weeks now, and thinks it’s an awesome blogging tool, however, as with most applications it doesn’t do exactly what I want it to do. One of the annoyances I have right now, is that the thumbnail image WordPress 2.3 creates is too small for my tastes and so I wanted to find a way to change this. It is actually quite easy to change – it just requires modification to one WordPress file. Continue reading